Can you imagine that 98% of Singaporeans are using smartphones right now? Well, the credit goes to Covid-19.

The pandemic has transformed the way they live, work, play, shop, study and connect. Our ‘new normal’ lives revolve around our mobile phones.

So, it’s time to market where your customers are!

And if you still think that mobile marketing could be your second priority, you are making a HUGE mistake. (heartbreaking but true!)

In a perfect ‘new normal’ scenario, mobile marketing should be the core of your business strategy.

But wait!

It’s the ‘new normal’ era…

Your customers are now even more ‘mobile-friendly than before. They are spending most of their time scrolling through their mobile phones. Social Media ADs, mobile notifications, websites and in-app ads are now part of their daily lives. It has essentially changed the way they engage with a brand. 

What’s more?

They are now spoiled for choices (well, thanks to your competitors!)

Hence, it’s time to step up your game with some undefiable mobile-friendly customer engagement strategies that ‘actually work’.

Here are three customer engagement must-dos that you should implement immediately:

Unleash the power of re-marketing

Create an efficacious remarketing strategy by using your user attributes and the most reliable data.

Segment your targeted customers with the maximum granularity possible and reach them with the correct message. Brands who have been prompt to adopt remarketing have secured a front seat and the results speak for themselves.

Data shows that apps running remarketing campaigns in Q1 2020 have 50% more paying users than those not running remarketing campaigns. It is also notable that in 2020 (Jan-Feb) APAC led the way in the share of remarketing conversions (36.4%).

So, bring the remarketing to the table NOW!

Create flawless cross-platform experiences

Offering an unparalleled digital experience is the key to your customers’ hearts. Enable multiple interconnected communication channels and ensure an effortless transition among all digital channels and apps.

For instance, include tracking links to your mobile push notifications. Take your customers to your apps easily and help them track their orders with no hassle.

This will fulfil your customers’ requirements faster and conveniently, making them feel more self-sufficient.

Pay attention to retention

Strengthen your relationship with your existing buyers and turn them into your loyal customers.

It seems that new customer acquisition is extremely challenging under the Covid-19 circumstances. So let’s be realistic.

Also, engaging new audiences is 5 -10x more expensive than re-engaging an existing buyer.

The most sustainable growth plan for the new normal era is to find unique and reliable methods to engage and retain your existing customers.

Mark our words- your users might forget what they had bought from you, but they will never forget how they were treated during these hard times.

So, win their hearts and woo them back with offers they can’t refuse. Shower them with free shipping, free trials, extended return policies, faster delivery and personalized offers.

Serve your customers like you mean it!

Sounds difficult? Feels like your business is lagging way behind?

Well, don’t be afraid!

Since you started reading this blog, not much has changed. Your potential customers are still there, ready to receive the best customer experience you can offer them. All you need is to take on the opportunity and connect with the perfect team to show you the right path.

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