Let’s jump straight to it. Why is web design and development in Singapore such an important aspect for you and your company? Well, let’s put it this way – if website visitors are only given 10 to 15 minutes to consume content, 70 percent of them would prefer to see something beautifully designed versus something plain.

Hence, your website’s design is an important part of your online marketing presence. To build a better website for your business, you must understand the importance of web design and development in Singapore.


What is web design and development?

Web design and development is a term that describes the process of creating a website. Like its name suggests, it involves two major skill sets: Web design and web development.

As you can imagine, web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the website and it’s usability, while web development is taking the created design and building a fully functioning website. In other words, web design determines the look and feel of a website, while web development determines how it functions.

In today’s modern and competitive context, these two terms are virtually interchangeable as web companies alternate the way they describe their services. As the web continues to evolve, so do the roles. So why is web design and development in Singapore important for your company?


1. First impression always counts

When people visit your website, it gives them their first impression of your business. Realistically, they will judge you and your business within seconds. In these first few seconds, you want to make a positive impact on your visitors, whether they are targeted audience or not.

If your website looks unappealing, people will immediately have a negative impression of your business. They won’t find your website appealing, which deters them from your page. Hence, you’ll miss out on leads because there’s a good chance they’ll leave your page for a competitor’s one.

Web design and development in Singapore should never be taken lightly because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. Make no mistakes – a good web design and development can help you bring in and keep your leads.


2. Positive customer service

People have the tendency to judge how you will treat them just by looking at your website. Your design gives them insight as to how you view your audience. If you don’t put any effort into your website’s design, it could simply translate to the fact that you won’t put in much effort into helping your audience.

In that sense, your website is like a customer service representative. If your website is bright, modern, and inviting, your audience will feel more welcome on your page. Not only that, if it’s well-developed to be user-friendly, non-confusing and has a good user-experience, there’s a very good chance of them coming back again.

Think of you a good web design and development as the digital face of your business. If someone walked into your physical location, wouldn’t you want a friendly face to greet him or her and make him or her feel welcome?


3. Builds trust

People don’t trust poorly designed websites. If they realise how poorly designed your website is or how outdated and inaccurate the information on your site is, trust will be lost. They will naturally view your site as a shady one.

Just imagine a person looking to place a bulk order of something you are selling. They’re spending huge amounts of money, which means if your website doesn’t convey trust, he’ll find another business to fulfil his order.

Hence, it’s crucial to build trust with your audience so they remain on your site. When visitors remain on your site longer, you create more opportunities for your business to capture those leads.


4. Makes your business reliable

This leads to reliability. The importance of web design and development in Singapore is so consequential that it affects just how people perceive your business to be.

To put things into clearer perspective, if your website design and development have been neglected and aren’t up to par, no one will continue to believe that it’s reliable. Not only does the design need to maintain its appeal, the content of the site needs to be constantly updated and checked for accuracy.

Only then will your business be perceived as one that’s highly reliable and accurate.


5. It helps your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Many web design elements influence how you publish content on your website, which in turn affects how search engine spiders crawl and index your website.

Apart from how content is published on your website, certain web design elements can directly affect SEO. Web design can be difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with how it works. However, if you get a capable web design and development company in Singapore such as AKS Tech Pte Ltd, the guys there will ensure to code your site to be SEO-friendly.

In other words, the best way to ensure proper web design practices and search engine visibility is to partner with a web design agency in Singapore that knows what its doing.


Any recommendations for a web design and development agency in Singapore?

Small and mid-size enterprises that are looking to re-design their existing website may be confused by the blurred lines surrounding the terms “Web Design” and “Web Development”. Although there are individuals that are able to do both, many companies have dedicated designers who create the website layout and then hand the design files over to a programmer who completes the development stage.

One such company is AKS Tech Pte Ltd. As a Pre-Approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) vendor, it offers small businesses at up to 80% funding from Enterprise Singapore to take their businesses online. AKS Tech also offers other business grants for SMEs such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) with the availability of RMC-certified consultants.

Other business services AKS Tech offers its clients include web design and development, brands strategy and consultation, videography and photoshoot, e-Commerce solution, application development and social media management. With a strong and experienced team of developers, copywriters, graphic designers and digital marketers, your business will have pertinent cohesion across all channels.

You can drop the guys at AKS Tech an e-mail at info@akstech.com.sg or give them a call at +65 8388 0417 (sales) or +65 8291 8173 (support).

AKS Tech’s office is located at 33 Ubi Avenue 3 #05-22 Vertex Tower B, Singapore (408868).

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