Application Development


People nowadays are fussy and impatient. They want the mobile apps they use to actually be good and fast. Once an app is downloaded from App Store and opened, there are only a few seconds to capture and engage your user. That’s why, AKS Tech creates eye-catching and easy to use apps to best communicate your message and purpose. 

AKS Tech is a mobile app and website development agency based in Singapore. We work with several entrepreneurs, start ups and businesses to build online solutions from idea to full working product. Our team of certified designers and developers are local & experienced. Whether your project is multiform or not, we will always challenge and test your idea and make it a collaborative effort.

Mobile App Development

The best designs promotes confidence in your mobile app. They inspire users to decide and download, use and promote your product. AKS Tech’s mobile app designers and developers will create a uniquely functional and attractive design for your app. We provide exclusive end-to-end application development for all types of projects. Our experienced app developers have a proven track record of delivering useful apps that meet all your objectives and requirements. 

AKS Tech is highly committed to turning your idea into a fully functioning, world-class mobile application. As an award-winning app development team, we definitely know what it takes to take your mobile app from conception to launch and beyond.

Microsite & landing page Development

As a digital marketing agency in Singapore, we understand the necessity to leverage the power of minimalistic interphase and generate more targeted leads. And with our advanced Microsite and Landing page development services, we can allow you to do just that.

Communicate specific information to the targeted audience to sell a product or service through online campaigns. With a unique URL structure and fascinating content, we will create an incredible brand image for you through a microsite.

Best of all, it’s cost effective!

Secure App Solutions

Protecting your apps against censorious risks, requires comprehensive and malleable security. AKS Tech provides a strategic stop gap against common vulnerabilities like mitigates emerging exploits that target open source software and security misconfiguration across clouds. Therefore, we will ensure your company’s Privacy and Prevention of Data loss.

Content Management System (CMS)

Your business is a completely unique and dynamic entity. So it is natural that managing or handling the content of your website is also a unique activity in itself. That’s why, AKS Tech believes in designing a custom Content Management System (CMS), just for you. 

AKS Tech will conceptualise and design a CMS for you, that matches every one of your business’ requirements, crafting them in a fashion which allows them to grow with your business as it does. The custom CMS designed by AKS Tech team will help you a great deal in streamlining the operations of your daily business by managing the information related to them, allowing for a smoother work flow.

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