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What is PSG Grant?
The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG Grant) is an initiative by Enterprise Singapore to fund local companies to go digital. If you are registered and operating in Singapore and interested in adopting IT solutions you should try to seize the opportunity. All you have to do is engage a PSG Pre-Approved Vendor like us. The amount of PSG Grant in Singapore has been increased to 70% due to Covid-19. SMEs are eligible to get up to 70% PSG funding support when they engage an IMDA PSG Pre Approved Vendor and invest in long term IT solutions. [Get a Free Consultation]
Are you eligible for the grant?
You will be eligible for the PSG grant in Singapore if your company is:
  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Has a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Engaging a PSG Pre-Approved vendor
  • In a financially viable position to start and complete a project
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Why choose us?
Work with us, and we will go the extra mile to ensure your success.
  • Experts with more than over a decade of experience
  • Complete in-house team of experienced developers, designers, writers, digital marketers, videographers and consultants
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  • 24/7 Client support
  • Unique designs
  • WooCommerce packages to choose from
  • AI integrated website with automated marketing and CRM tools
  • Customised e-Commerce solutions according to your business requirements
  • Support even after the website goes live
  • Experience in dealing with various local and international companies
  • Over 350 happy clients
  • Complete packaged deal, no hidden cost
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Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions regarding PSG grant in Singapore? Check out the FAQ for PSG or [Get a Free Consultation]
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