Branding is all about staying fresh, updated and relevant! To stay attractive in the eyes of your target audience you always need to stay ahead of the game. Today, on World Graphics Day we present you the top graphic design trends of 2021 that you need to apply now to up your brand game.

And who knows better than the graphic designers themselves?

We asked our talented graphic & web designers about the best graphic design trends Singaporeans want to see on their screen.

Here are the top 3 key trends they have chosen.

1. Socially and environmentally conscious design

No wonder it’s topping the list! 2020 has finally given us time to reconnect with nature and isolation has taught us the importance of human touch.

Maybe for the first time, we all have a clearer glimpse into what a greener world might look like.

Our graphic team head says, “2021 is all about embracing a more humanistic and earthy tone. It should connect the person behind the design with the person viewing the design.”

2. Use of expressionist colours

In 2021, the use of muted and intense colours is in trend to express what a brand stands for.

Brands should test out unconventional, non-naturalistic colour tones with plenty of realistic variation and intensity. These effective shades say a lot about a brand through colour only.

3. Retro-futurism trend

Yes, 2021 will be a year for nostalgia rushing in. As the term refers, 2021 will be a time to reflect how future designs were depicted in old days. It is about incorporating futuristic technology with old-fashioned design. Colours and shapes that seem both vintage and tech-inspired blend reassurance with a sense of progress. It seems that this kind of modern aesthetics would be seen in areas like entertainment, technology and video games.

In short, graphic design trends in 2021 has an air of cautious optimism. And as our graphic team believes, “It’s a graphic designer’s way to contribute to a better world. Among the covid-chaos, they are making a conscious effort to add elements of compassion and happiness to connect with the audiences.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these design trends and make your brand the talk of the town.

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