Videography and photoshoot in Singapore is of utmost importance for your business and products. After all, there is nothing comparable to a good picture, a good picture that says a thousand words. Of course, that still stands true today, in a time where video is the main source of media consumption.

Take Instagram for instance. More and more people are uploading their updates and news via InstaStory rather than an image feed. Why? That’s simply because the way people consume media has changed.

Thus, videography and photoshoot in Singapore will continue to play an important role in telling a story and media publishing. Video helps to capture a wide audience, while photos will always tell a thousand words – both locally and internationally. They are also a form of communication to convey any information the way you want it.


Advantages of doing a photoshoot in Singapore for your business

In any case, should you decide that corporate photography is more suitable for your business and is better-suited for your budget, here are some of the advantages of considering this option:

  1. Build your company’s credibility

Having professional photography presents you with the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors. Clear and creative photo designs and ideas exhibit your company’s credibility and will result in customers trusting your brand more.

  1. Engage your audience

By using professional photos of your business, you can engage your leads and even friends on social media platforms. These photos have the ability to help convey your business message accurately and creatively across the different social media sites. Hence, professional photography helps your business to get more clients and investors, and helps to promote your brand to a tailored and specified audience.

  1. Increase brand awareness

Corporate photography also helps to promote your business by presenting the photos on the events of the company. By presenting the photos of the events or in any brand awareness occasions where many of the clients, investors or the CEOs will be present, chances of people noticing your business photos are high. By promoting your business with professionally-taken photos, it can help to raise your business standards as well as increase brand awareness.

  1. Visual appealing for a story

One of the most important aspects of establishing an attractive brand is the ability to accurately convey who and what your business is, while offering your customers something that’s immediately recognisable as desirable (think Apple and Rolex). Corporate photography, when done correctly, empowers you to tell your story without saying a word. Best of all, it’s shareable.

  1. Nice pictures are very share-worthy

On that note of shareable, one of the benefits of a highly engaging social media tactic is having appealing pictures that are share-worthy and like-worth. Displaying professionally taken photos alongside your social posts makes them far more likely to be engaged by your desired audiences, growing your brand and reaching more potential customers organically.

  1. Cost effective and convenient

Having a professional photographer for your business is profitable as they can save the cost of getting individual photographer per event or business need. Hence, it is more cost effective to hire a professional corporate photographer. Another way is to keep them on a retainer fee. The photographer will do the work according to your cost. This can help to minimise your company’s expenses and help save the trouble of finding an individual photographer when the time comes.


Advantages of doing a videograpjy in Singapore for your business

However, if you have a bigger budget and are more interested in investing in videography for your business, this option also comes with several stronger advantages that cannot be ignored:

  1. It’s the preferred way for consumers

As aforementioned, videos are now the preferred way for people to consumer media and information. Just take Tik Tok for instance. Video is a very comfortable and straightforward method for delivering information in a personal and high impact way, considering how information taken in through video is absorbed much faster than just having text on a page. Also, watching a video tends to be stickier than text, meaning consumers will think about the messages within the video longer than reading a copy.

  1. There are no boundaries

For starters, there are no boundaries to what a video can be as long as it is able to captivate your target audience. Videography is a form of media communication used to enhance any marketing or publishing for your business and products. It is certainly one of the most versatile digital tools in the industry which is done to promote products, business or events.

  1. It’s a lot more engaging and fun

Having corporate videos allow you to create a visually fun and creative showcase for your business. This will allow your video and brand to be on the top of people’s minds. It doesn’t need to be a high-budget production, but rather one that reminds viewers that your business or company is run by people who share similar values and beliefs.

  1. Higher ROI than any other tools

We know incorporating video into your marketing strategy requires an investment, but you will need to know that over half of owners that use video for their businesses say that video has the greatest return on investment of any marketing tactic. Not only does video increases the credibility of the company, it’s highly influential and it’s highly shareable to a target audience. Thus, video has the tendency to bring audience into a company, generate trust, sales or leads.

  1. Endless possibilities

By now, you would have realised the endless possibilities videos can bring to your businesses/company. Incorporating videos should be a fun experience. If you are keen, look into hiring an experienced company with talented staff such as AKS Tech, one of the most promising Digital and Web Development agency in Singapore. With the use of corporate video production helping to increase traffic to your page, improve your SEO ranking, as well as creating brand awareness, it is clear to see why so many businesses choose to incorporate videos into their marketing strategy.


Who is AKS Tech?

AKS Tech Pte Ltd is one of the most promising Digital and Web Development agency in Singapore. As a Pre-Approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) vendor, it offers small businesses at up to 80% funding from Enterprise Singapore to take their businesses online. AKS Tech also offers other business grants for SMEs such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) with the availability of RMC-certified consultants.

Other business services AKS Tech offers its clients include web design and development, brands strategy and consultation, videography and photoshoot and social media management. With a strong and experienced team of developers, copywriters, graphic designers and digital marketers, your business will have pertinent cohesion across all channels.

You can drop the guys at AKS Tech an e-mail at or give them a call at +65 8388 0417 (sales) or +65 8291 8173 (support)

AKS Tech’s office is located at 33 Ubi Avenue 3 #05-22 Vertex Tower B, Singapore (408868).

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