A website is essential for a local business. It does serve as a reference for those who want to know what the business is about, as well as what it sells. The website also gives prospects and customers an idea of if or when they can visit that business, as well as a way to contact someone it there is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is, in effect, the public face of the business to the entire world. However, some will ask, justifiably, “why does my business need a website?”

This is actually a good question if your business only serves as an online ‘billboard” for your business. It does cost money; without necessarily causing paying customers to spend any more with you. However, there is more that a website can do to build your profit if you focus on these elements:

1) Lead Capture
2) Follow Up System
3) SEO Copywriting
4) Automated Response
5) Endorsements
6) Media Uploads
7) Mobile Responsive

Lead Capture simply means that at someplace on your website, there is a contact form for your visitors to fill up their names and contact details so that they can be a part of your contact database. However, most of us would hesitate when it comes to giving away our personal information especially our email addresses unless we will benefit something out from it.

Place social media contact buttons at the top of your website. Consider starting with one and eventually getting all of popular ones (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Having these contact points are useful to gain more online exposure because each social network has a following of people that spend a considerable amount of time on them every day.

More importantly, some consumers use these websites for communication purposes. Therefore, by having the sites and making them available, you will be connecting to people who don’t want to use e-mail. If there is a downside to having social media accounts to keep in contact with some prospects and customers is that it takes time to monitor and work with them appropriately.

Our company works with businesses to establish contact methods that suit their business. Where having email is most effective; we will help you to implement email. Where mobile text messages are most effective, we will help you implement SMS Text Messages. We help you to keep in touch with your customers as they are the source of many additional profits that you will not have to spend considerable additional advertising dollars on. Call us today so that you can begin to capture your customer’s contact information effectively.

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